Author: Rodolphe, Severnvale student 2016

Shrewsbury: A  wonderful  place for walking

Shrewsbury is a wonderful place if you enjoy walking and hiking. The Ramblers Association now have a greatly improved website which is an exceptional resource for all walkers, hikers wanting to go for walks. This site lists everything from historical walks to guided walks and really audacious walks. It is difficult to describe all the walks which are suggested but you find below some examples among which can give you an accurate idea about the choice which is offered.

Berriew Aqueduct walk is one to be considered as easy as to be made with children. As a result it is the kind of walk I would recommend you to do first. It will help you to get used to speaking English with a group  of local people without worrying about the walk’s difficulties.

As it is named, you will discover not only the lovely wales countryside around Berriew but also its historical canal and aqueduct.

Whixhall and Bettisfied mosses walk is another walk for beginners or light walker, it is a gentle, soft, walk for a Sunday afternoon, chatting along the canal, waving to people on the typical narrow boats . A charming place for a rendezvous. But it is also the place of the famous strategic starfish site and I do remark that it is not situated in Wales for once!

Llanymynech Rocks walk isn’t a strenuous nor an  easy walk. But it is nothing but a common walk, as you will have the opportunity to visit not only a train station refurbished and kept by a group of enthusiasts but also you will go inside an ancient lime kiln, which is fortunately not in use.

Porthmadog walk is close to the sea of Ireland, it is the most strenuous and the farthest from Shrewsbury I have done in Wales. I didn’t do it with the Ramblers. But if you are well trained it is worth doing it.

Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd is definitely the walk you can do with your host family or even by yourself. There are miles of footpaths to explore across the Long Mynd, there are walks available for all abilities to go freely and do what you want, you will find good scenery and beautiful views.

Snowdonia walk  is the most popular walk in Wales.

People come from far away to do it, in every season. I wouldn’t recommend you to do it in winter for it could be quite dangerous. If you are lucky you will have a sunny day, but even if it is not, go for it. I remember climbing desperately between two white walls so we were inside clouds but what a surprise when suddenly 10 minutes before reaching the summit the sun burst and we discovered what you can see on the picture! It was just amazing! If one has to be done it is this one!

Llangollen walk – you said strenuous walk? You want to know what a strenuous walk is? Here it is. Don’t forget your walking shoes, cereal bars, water and if you don’t have some, try to borrow a pair of walking sticks.

But if you have enough strength or (courage because for a courageous soul nothing is impossible) what a stunning view, what a great pleasure to walk among the rocks, steep passages and deep downhills. If Wales wasn’t so green you could believe yourself being on the moon. Definitely the one I preferred.

Llangynog walk has nothing particular but nothing missed: a small waterfall, some stony paths, some hills up and down. This is a typical moderate walk to be done by good walkers.

Glyn Ceyrog walk is probably the wildest among all, if you like walking in the wild world, having your lunch break in  wilderness, crossing fields with hardly any footpaths, this one is for you.

Rectory wood & field walk. If there are things we aren’t used to being foreigners,  this is what English people call “stiles”. During this lovely moderate walk you will find out simple and double stiles.

Along the river Severn

The last but not the least, every day you can walk, run, chat, talk, cycle but also feed birds, along the footpath of the river Severn. Two useful clues, the path begins in the Quarry Park and at the top of  Pride Hill opposite to the Little Waitrose there is a Tesco where you can find bread for 50p, the seagulls love it.