Butcher Row


“It’s been a lovely 8 months, thanks for everything.  I’m going to miss you all and…. I will be back!”

Hwang Joo (May)Korea 2014

“It has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I couldn’t have chosen a better school. Thank you for your patience and professionalism..”

RosaSpain, 2014

“I really enjoyed my stay here in Severnvale Academy, thank you.”

RoaaOman 2014

“I’ve just got my CPE result and I got an A and that shows the fantastic preparation I had. Thank you very much for that!..”

LukasSwitzerland 2014

“What is really valuable for me, is that I have learned not just to translate from my language to English, but to use English language patterns in a very friendly enviroment.  For me, Severnvale is like an overseas family. I’m always happy to come back.”

YanaRussia, 2014

“I achieved a pass in the Proficiency test!! just wanted to say: THANK YOU!”

SimonSpain 2014

“Let me say a big thank you to Severnvale Academy, its teachers and administrative staff, for providing excellent service to our client. He returned absolutely satisfied with his studies, after-study activities organized by the school, and accommodation. Even more, he said everything had been beyond his expectations. ”

AgentUkraine 2012

“I especially miss the other students, the great and motivated staff of Severnvale Academy, the quiet morning walks in the Quarry, the narrow streets with the beautiful brick-lined houses in the Old Town, the hot chocolate in the Old Market Hall, the “typical” English life and of course the English language. That all sounds very romantic now…. but I really enjoyed my stay in Shrewsbury..”

CatherineSwitzerland 2011

“Today I’ve got my result: it is an A! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!  I miss you all and the school so much!”

GritGermany 2011

“Let me say, you are the best!”

YuliaUzebekistan 2010