Legal English Courses

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Key Course Information

Entry Level: Lower Intermediate (B1) to Proficient (C2)
Max class size: 6, average 3-4
Enrolment Date: Every Monday*

*Severnvale is open 50 weeks per year including Bank Holidays (closed 24th December 2018- 4th January 2019)

Course Summary

  • Ideal for those interested in law, wanting to improve their legal writing, drafting, communication and negotiation skills.
  • Opportunity to practise networking skills and co-operation with other professionals.
  • Dedicated networking evening event with professional colleagues and staff.
  • A court visit and review of UK legal process.

Legal English Courses

Legal Entry Course is designed for those studying for a career in law.

Legal Exec Course is designed for those working in legal practice.

Legal Combo Course is designed for those who have limited time and want to focus on specific subject matter in focused 1-to-1 sessions.

Fixed Date Legal English and TOLES Course is designed for those who want to combine their study with a qualification.

Adult Business, Executive and Legal English Courses Legal English
Legal (group+ 1-to-1)
Course Components & Features
Legal Entry
42 lessons
31.5 hours
Legal Exec
42 lessons
31.5 hours
Legal Combo
37 lessons
27.75 hours
20 lessons general language development
20 lessons individual (1-to-1) tuition
10 lessons Business Communication Module 1
5 lessons Business Communication Module 2
(suitable only for levels intermediate & above)
5 lessons Legal Communication Module 1 (1-to-1)
10 lessons Legal Communication Module 2 (1-to-1)
5 lessons intensive grammar development & practice
2 lessons teacher-guided self-access study & computer-assisted Learning
(including a 15-minute weekly 1-to-1 tutorial with a senior tutor to review course content and progress)
Pre-course Needs Analysis and advice on course selection
Total Course Length / Price per week (†)
†: If you book a course of 6 weeks or longer, you pay the lower price for the entire period of your course, including the first 6 weeks
1-3 weeks
4+ weeks

Core Components

Legal Communication Module 1 is designed for those studying for a career in law. 5x 1-to-1 lessons per week provide focus on basic legal concepts, institutions and general legal areas such as contract, tort, company formation and operation (Legal Entry course)

Legal Communication Module 2 is designed for those working in legal practice. 10x 1-to-1 lessons per week provide specific focus on a wide range of practice areas including, Contract, Corporate and Commercial, Banking, Litigation, Property, Competition, IP, Employment (Legal Exec Course)

Both Legal Communication Modules 1 and 2 focus on use of legal language and vocabulary, drafting techniques, negotiation and advocacy skills, correspondence and legal documents, telephone and video conference call and legal meeting skills

All our Legal English courses also incorporate Business Communication Module 1 for the development of general business communication skills required in an international environment.

Business Communication Module 1 focuses on essential business functions including: formal and informal writing; telephoning; reading business documents and numerical information; language of meetings; dealing with native English speakers; travel; business culture; diplomacy and entertaining.

Are you looking for something more intensive?

Our most intensive and personalised Legal English programme is the Legal Combo course which incorporates 20 x 1-to-1 classes (Legal and General English) alongside Business Communication modules 1 and 2 (37 lessons/27.75 hours per week). Please contact us and we will carry out a bespoke needs analysis to ensure the course is aligned to your individual requirements.