Corsi estivi di inglese Starline – Informazioni base

  • Fascia di età: 13-16
  • Lezioni settimanali: 20 (15 ore)
  • Studenti per classe: 12 (max)
  • Livello di Inglese: Principiante- Esperto
  • Attività pomeridiane a settimana: 4
  • Attività per l’intera giornata a settimana: 2

Corsi estivi di inglese Express – Informazioni base

  • Fascia di età: 15-17
  • Lezioni settimanali: 28 (21 ore)
  • Studenti per classe: 12 (max)
  • Livello di Inglese: Principiante- Esperto
  • Attività pomeridiane a settimana: 2
  • Attività per l’intera giornata a settimana: 2

Safe? Yes, because…

  • Students are FULLY SUPERVISED throughout the course
  • We are the only accredited language school in Shrewsbury, so we have the pick of the best families

We only use host families we know and trust

  • Emergency phone lines are available 24 hours a day
  • We give students a full introduction to their stay in England
  • All excursions are led by senior Severnvale staff
  • Shrewsbury is NOT a big, dangerous city
  • Our youth centre is well-equipped and comfortable

Fun? Yes, because…

  • We go to some of the top leisure parks in Britain
  • Excursions don’t only mean seeing things – they mean DOING things too
  • Full day excursions usually include 2 or 3 different kinds of activity

EVERYTHING is included in the course price – no hidden extras !

  • We use top quality venues for sports, for swimming, for cinema, for football matches and discos
  • We have great barbecues – eat-as-much-as-you-want, at no extra charge
  • We enjoy it all too!

You learn? Yes, because…

  • We care that learning happens: our teachers are all qualified and enthusiastic, and know how to motivate young people
  • We have a very international environment – often 18 to 20 different nationalities here at the same time
  • We’re a small school. Our youth centre is limited to 120 students so that we can know every one personally
  • Classes are small too: the guaranteed maximum is 12 in a class; typically 9 or 10
  • Staff monitor every student’s progress; we keep spaces open in the higher classes for promotion
  • We set homework and we check that it’s done: we give awards for good work and progress

Date dei corsi estivi

I corsi estivi 2017 cominciano il 2 Luglio e proseguono fino al 10 Agosto. La durata dei corsi va dalle 2 alle 6 settimane.

Possibili date di inizio: Lunedì 2 Luglio, Lunedì 16 Luglio, Lunedì 23 Luglio, Lunedì 30 Luglio 2018 (30 Luglio è l’ultima data disponibile per iniziare).

Notare gentilmente che Lunedì 9 Luglio non è disponibile come data d’inizio.

Arrivi e partenze da e per Shrewsbury : gli studenti possono arrivare e partire il Sabato o la Domenica prima dell’inizio o dopo la fine del corso.

Junior Homestay

Similar to homestay but specially selected for students at our youth centre. Junior homestay accommodation includes all meals, with packed lunches on weekdays. All junior homestay families are police checked.

Price : £180 per week