Why I chose to do the TOLES course

I had the opportunity to live and work in Shrewsbury for a year as part of an exchange program at my university. Towards the end of my stay there, I decided I wanted to sit the TOLES exam.

The main reason why I chose this exam in particular is that I’m currently working as a lawyer and I’m also studying to become a professional English-Spanish legal translator. But what I liked the most about this exam is that it focuses on practical legal skills (like redrafting in Plain English and explaining the meaning of a legal document to a client) instead of focusing only on vocabulary and register.

Although I had spent several weeks preparing for the exam on my own, I still didn’t feel confident enough to sit for it. After doing some research online, I found the TOLES course available at Severnvale Academy. The Severnvale course is three weeks long with two weeks of intensive legal and business English tuition, followed by a one-week TOLES exam preparation course. Because I was working at the time, I had little time available so I had to make sure I made the most of it. The Severnvale team planned a one-week intensive course so that I could focus on exam preparation and they also helped me to decide whether to sit for the beginner, intermediate or advanced level exam.

The experience at Severnvale Academy was amazing! The general English lessons I attended in the mornings really helped me to improve my overall level of English and the exam practice I did in the afternoons gave me the confidence I needed to sit for the Advanced Level exam. Also, the teachers were extremely supportive throughout the process and I was able to meet other students from around the world including Italy, France, China and Switzerland.

I’m glad to say that I was able to obtain a great result in the exam and I couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of the Severnvale team. If you are a law student, a lawyer or a legal translator and you’re wondering how to improve your knowledge of legal English, this is definitively the course for you!


Andrea Ileana Bresso


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